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Hymns & Dervishes, Moving Forward

After almost a year, I'm finally able to move forward on this project. After waiting for 12 years, what's another year, right? Actually, this year was incredibly busy, busier than usual, with trips to South America, China, Europe, across the US, finishing the first season of Classical Smackdown as well as other solo programs and chamber music. Also stuffed into the year were all the activities at Beechwood, our new home where we have organized some intriguing and inspiring Arts Immersion Salons. More on those elsewhere. As for Hymns and Dervishes, the success of the Kickstarter fundraising project was a great boost - connecting me with fans of both my work and the works of Gurdjieff, as well as opening up interesting insight into long-time fans and friends. The enthusiasm and support was heartwarming. Coming off the Kickstarter project, it's been a slow but steady process of organizing and making decisions. At last, dates have been set and the team has been put together! We'll be going to Manifold Recording, in the countryside of North Carolina. The ambiance is perfect for the Hymns and Dervishes. For those who supported at a certain level on Kickstarter, there will be live streaming access to the recording sessions. And there will be other live/streaming events connected to H&D following soon after that. I'm going to focus next on organizing launch performances and events. Keep your eyes open! Frederic

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