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Monument to Beethoven

The Story of Two Monumental Masterpieces

The creation of a Beethoven statue in the composer's hometown of Bonn drew little support (Liszt eventually funded the majority of the project out of his own pocket!) but inspired two timeless Romantic masterpieces: Schumann's Fantasy for piano and Liszt's transcription of Beethoven's Symphony VII. Two masterpieces that could not be more different in their style and their origin story.

“Frederic Chiu’s performance of Beethoven’s Symphony VII brought to life details that I rarely hear with a full orchestra. It was an eye-opening experience for me!” 

- Maestro Gerard Schwarz

Chiu Beethoven Liszt Cover 20190501_Page

Distant Voice

Piano Music of Claude Debussy and Gao Ping

Chiu pairs two unlikely composers, bridging centuries and cultures. Chiu’s first recording of Claude Debussy includes favorites Clair de Lune and Rêverie, paired with the award-winning contemporary Chinese composer Gao Ping, including the world premier of Concealed Kisses for Vocalizing Pianist. The album includes audio and video with special filmed interviews. On disc and live in concert, this program has been a revelation to audiences. 


“Frederic Chiu always stretches the boundaries.”          - Herald Tribune


Romeo & Juliet - The Choice

An Original 21st Century Production

In collaboration with Sandra Parks, boundary-pushing choreographer, Frederic's decades-long dream is now revolutionizing the dance world: an interactive, immersive and intimate production of Prokofiev's ballet Romeo & Juliet. Performed "in the round" with live solo piano taking the place of the orchestra, audience members decide the fate of the two star-crossed lovers. Never has Classical ballet been so immediate and engaging, for audiences and performers alike.

R2 Hymns & Dervishes Cover.jpg

Hymns & Dervishes

Music of Gurdjieff/De Hartmann

Based on the album of the same name, this program makes subtle use of Yamaha's TransAcoustic Piano to create the unusual and moving effect of a piano changing tuning from piece to piece. This approachable introduction to the acoustic splendors of modified temperament (tuning) takes the listener on a journey, from East to West, and from Outer to Inner. This program has been acclaimed from the Rubin Tibetan Museum in NYC to the LA County Museum of Art. 

“A Tour de Force” - New York Times

Chiu Beethoven Liszt Cover 20190501_Page

Evolution of Piano

The Changing Piano Techniques Across History

In the 300+ year history of the piano, composers and performers have approached the instrument in incredibly diverse ways. Frederic Chiu demonstrates the evolution of these techniques through the works of key composers

“Frederic Chiu’s performance of Beethoven’s Symphony VII brought to life details that I rarely hear with a full orchestra. It was an eye-opening experience for me!” 

- Maestro Gerard Schwarz

Carnival cd cover medium.jpg

Carnival of the Animals

& Peter and the Wolf, Children's Corner, Babar The Elephant, and other family-friendly programming!

Frederic Chiu pays it forward, with extensive programming specifically targeting children and family audiences. With long-time collaborator, storyteller David Gonzalez, they offer some of the classics, streamlined for piano and updated for the 21st Century.

“Beautiful story-telling, and a wonderful way to show children how music can open their imagination.”

- Parent of schoolchild

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Virtual Piano Duo

Two Pianos, One Pianist!

With the help of Yamaha's Disklavier piano technology, Frederic Chiu does not limit himself to the repertoire for 2 hands, but also offers the audience works for 2 pianos that provide a unique insight into the composers. While his virtual partner appears on a video screen behind the second piano, it is the actual piano that is playing, in perfect synchronization with the live performance on the second piano! It has to be seen (and heard) to be believed!


“With Disklavier, Yamaha has succeeded in developing an incredible software and hardware technology at the service of artistic expression.”

Frederic Chiu

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New Pedal Techniques

Rethinking the three pedals

In conjunction with his concerts, as part of his masterclass series, Frederic Chiu offers a fundamental rethinking of the function and use of the three pedals, introducing new techniques that can be applied to all repertoire. Through the lecture /masterclass format, audiences get a detailed explanation of the process, followed by real-time demonstration of analysis and problem-solving of pedal uses in traditional repertoire.

“Brilliant” - University piano professor

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Classical Smackdown

Debussy vs. Prokofiev

Bach vs. Glass

Young Geniuses: Mendelssohn vs. Chopin before age 20

At the end of the concert, audiences don’t leave - they stay and discuss, and even argue, about the choice between two composers. In the process of voting, everyone hears things differently, and everyone gets involved. Audiences old and new have a great time!


“I can’t believe I liked modern Classical music so much. Thanks for the eye-opener.” - Smackdown voter


Portrait of Prokofiev

Includes Transcriptions and unpublished works

Frederic Chiu has recorded the most extensive collection of the complete piano works of Prokofiev. His reputation as one of the world’s experts on this music was created with his first recording of the complete Sonatas in 1993. His long study of the works, along with his personal friendship with the Prokofiev family, has brought a unique and deep insight into the meaning behind the virtuosity and steely demeanor one usually associates with Prokofiev’s music. A reference, and a revelation.

“Finally, I’ve heard a pianist who plays like my father used to play.” – Oleg Prokofiev, son of the composer

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DPS Workshops & Masterclasses

Learning without Practicing

Meditation for Pianists

Stage Fright

Frederic Chiu's teaching program, Deeper Performance Studies, is an innovative approach to practicing and performing. Workshops take place at his Beechwood compound, whereas, in conjunction with his concert programs, he offers audiences, both professional and mainstream, unique insight into the condition of the creative performer, through stand-alone lectures and masterclasses.

“Mr. Chiu’s philosophy introduces a revolutionary approach to the piano that has rewritten the way I see and understand practice and performance.” - DPS Alumnus

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