With a vibrant concert schedule, a legacy of 27 CDs, and a stream of accolades from around the globe, pianist Frederic Chiu occupies a special place in the world of classical music. His non-traditional approach including interdisciplinary collaborations, integration of new technologies and emphasis on audience engagement distinguish Mr. Chiu as a maverick and innovator, a 21st Century artist.

Latest News

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Frederic Chiu's latest recording out soon - Beethoven Symphonies V & VII!!

PURCHASE! Just in time for the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven's birth, my latest recording of Beethoven's Symphonies V & VII in Liszt's transcription for piano solo comes out in January 2020. These recordings were produced by 3 time Grammy Award-winning Producer of the Year, Judith Sherman. The VII was also recorded using the latest cutting-edge Disklavier technology by Yamaha. Check out this masterclass to get yourself in the mood. LINK


Frederic Gives Masterclass in Moscow - from Hartford, CT at The Hartt School

Frederic demonstrates a Remote Lesson using a Yamaha Disklavier CFX concert grand to teach piano students in Moscow. Participants in both countries use Disklaviers to play each other’s pianos and cameras to see each other in a live video stream. Each pianist’s touch on the keyboard, ranging from delicate nuances to powerful rapid attacks, are perfectly captured and transmitted to the other piano thousands of miles away. Thanks to Cunningham Pianos and the remarkable Hugh Sung for the video.

Frederic Chiu hired as full-time faculty at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA

I am thrilled to announce my appointment to a full-time, tenure track professorship with the incredible School of Music at Carnegie Mellon University! CMU is a school that I’ve long admired for its leading edge integration of the arts with tech, business and other disciplines and for its passionate faculty and students. With its current vision, the already esteemed School of Music is positioned to become an even bigger force in the music world, and I am honored to join their incredibly accomplished faculty. One of our children graduated from CMU recently, and every time we visited, we wished we were attending ourselves! Now, Jeanine and I are so excited to be heading to CMU again, this time for faculty orientation!
I’m recruiting students for Fall 2020. Anyone interested?