With a vibrant concert schedule, a legacy of 27 CDs, and a stream of accolades from around the globe, pianist Frederic Chiu occupies a special place in the world of classical music. His non-traditional approach including interdisciplinary collaborations, integration of new technologies and emphasis on audience engagement distinguish Mr. Chiu as a maverick and innovator, a 21st Century artist.

Latest News

Frederic Chiu hired as full-time faculty at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA

I am thrilled to announce my appointment to a full-time, tenure track professorship with the incredible School of Music at Carnegie Mellon University! CMU is a school that I’ve long admired for its leading edge integration of the arts with tech, business and other disciplines and for its passionate faculty and students. With its current vision, the already esteemed School of Music is positioned to become an even bigger force in the music world, and I am honored to join their incredibly accomplished faculty. One of our children graduated from CMU recently, and every time we visited, we wished we were attending ourselves! Now, Jeanine and I are so excited to be heading to CMU again, this time for faculty orientation!
I’m recruiting students for Fall 2020. Anyone interested?

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Frederic Chiu joins the faculty of the famous Hartt School of Music in Hartford, CT

It’s been a long time for me since September meant "back to school!" I’m happy to announce that September 4, 2019, is my first day of teaching at The Hartt School, University of Hartford! I’m joining an esteemed faculty as this celebrated institution prepares to enter its 100th year! I’m excited to meet my students and to make a contribution to this great school.

An extraordinary concert by Frederic Chiu

April 28, 2019

I admit I was curious to hear how one could perform a piano recital consisting entirely of music by Sergei Prokofiev. But I, like everyone else in the audience at the Xavier Piano Series today, walked away simply blown away by Frederic Chiu’s inspired virtuosity.

I use the word inspired because this was never empty virtuosity. It was technically dazzling but it was also thoughtful playing. Even though Prokofiev is considered to be both a fiendishly difficult and a percussive composer by those who know his piano music, Chiu made us think about the many sides of this composer with his insightful playing as well as with his well-prepared remarks.