With a vibrant concert schedule, a legacy of 27 CDs, and a stream of accolades from around the globe, pianist Frederic Chiu occupies a special place in the world of classical music. His non-traditional approach including interdisciplinary collaborations, integration of new technologies and emphasis on audience engagement distinguish Mr. Chiu as a maverick and innovator, a 21st Century artist.

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Inaugural DPS Summer Session! Inner-work and Innovation a huge success!

A tornado launched by Tropical Storm Isaias could not keep Frederic from leading his first Inner-work and Innovation Week on Zoom! Despite losing power, internet and cell service, Frederic brought together a group of dedicated pianists across 5 timezones stretching from Seoul to Los Angeles. During the week, they learned and performed from memory a new piece without ever practicing it, learned Meditation For Pianists, attended a masterclass and bonded over the unique pleasures and challenges of being a pianist. In the words of one of the participants, "Frederic takes the 'whole person pianist' seriously in a way that I've never encountered before." LINK

Frederic Chiu's first class at Carnegie Mellon University!

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, schools continue in their mission of educating the future generations. CMU is at the forefront of fighting the virus and creating technology and research to manage it globally. I'm particularly proud to be joining this legendary university and welcoming my first class to my first full year of teaching. LINK

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Frederic Chiu's latest recording out - Beethoven Symphonies V & VII!!

PURCHASE! Just in time for the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven's birth, my latest recording of Beethoven's Symphonies V & VII in Liszt's transcription for piano solo comes out in January 2020. These recordings were produced by 3 time Grammy Award-winning Producer of the Year, Judith Sherman. The VII was also recorded using the latest cutting-edge Disklavier technology by Yamaha. Check out this masterclass to get some of the back story. LINK