With a vibrant concert schedule, a legacy of 30 CDs and a stream of accolades from around the globe, pianist Frederic Chiu occupies a special place in the world of classical music. His non-traditional approach including interdisciplinary collaborations, integration of new technologies and emphasis on audience engagement distinguish Mr. Chiu as a maverick and an innovator, a 21st Century artist.

Latest News

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Second episode of Classical Smackdown Series livestreaming worldwide May 27, 7pm EST

In this tour de force 3-concert series, Chiu presents an intriguing set of match-ups. High tech production puts you close-up “at-the-piano” and lets you comment & vote in real time! Performed over 75 times and loved by audiences worldwide, this is the first time all 3 Smackdown programs appear as a series. Chiu’s rare and fun insights into each composer’s life story, combined with his globally-renowned playing, make your vote more difficult than you’d imagine, with surprising results! Be part of the live voting via text and see voting results in real time. Then compare your concert to other audiences worldwide! LINK

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Launch of Frederic Chiu's Friends Club FCXFC on Patreon, with special first-month Launch Offer

In 2020, the cancellation of all my concerts forced me to interact differently in the world and, like everyone, I found innovative ways to interact virtually with my fans, audiences and students. I discovered a much more personal interaction with those who are important to me and my work, an interaction I would like to continue! It is my desire to build an intimate, passionate and engaged community of fans, friends & supporters with a continual flow of ideas. Which is what you get when you join Frederic Chiu’s Friends Club (FCXFC) at any tier level. There are 4 tiers of support to choose from, and no matter the level at which you join my community, I promise you surprises and delights, and also my deepest, most humble gratitude for taking this journey with me. JOIN HERE


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Frederic Chiu's Disklavier network grows! Disklaviers at Beechwood, Hartt and now CMU

During the pandemic, we've all adopted different ways to use technology to teach remotely. The visceral reproduction of a pianist's movements and energy in a Disklavier recording has truly shown its unique powers. 

I'm particularly excited to be creating a small network of Disklaviers between Beechwood, The Hartt School and Carnegie Mellon University.

With gratefulness to Falcetti Pianos, Solich Pianos and Yamaha Artist Services (YASI) my remote teaching now involves 3 Disklaviers (2 Yamahas, 1 Bosendorfer) that play each other remotely. The revelation of details and nuance in the physical playing has been so much richer than Zoom, video recordings or any other digital connection.