September 24, 2019

Beethoven's most popular Symphonies transcribed for solo piano by Franz Liszt, performed by pianist Frederic Chiu

December 1, 2016

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was a Greek-Armenian mystic who was active the early 20th century. He was widely known as a spiritual teacher and organized various schools to teach his methods in Europe, most notably in Fontainebleau, France, where he welcomed pupils from a...

September 5, 2009

One of my activities this summer was a visit to our nation's capitol, mixing business and pleasure. Over a hot summer weekend, while the rest of the family went on day-long hikes to the monuments and various Smithsonian museums, I spent the days listening to wonder...

June 9, 2009

While attending the Van Cliburn Competition last week (another blog entry later!), there was a symposium on the topic of diplomacy and the arts.

September 2, 2004

Chopin’s Etudes Opus 10 mark the beginning of the modern school of piano playing. His contemporaries - exponents of the style brillant vogue of the early 1800’s

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