Hymns and Dervishes

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Welcome to the site for Frederic Chiu’s new recording - “Hymns and Dervishes”, music by Gurdjieff/De Hartmann, presented in altered tunings imagined by Frederic Chiu. On the origins of this recording, click here.

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Official Press Release.

9/30/2015 Hymns & Dervishes officially released in France Sept 30. Working on a France tour of the program in 2017-2018.


10/2/2014 Here is a sneak peak at the
cover art, designed by Noah Johnson. Liner notes have been submitted, and everything is moving forward.


3/24/2014 Centaur Records will be releasing Hymns and Dervishes in early 2016. Live performances of the program will be scheduled in different venues around the world as part of the launch effort. Stayed tuned here for more news!


1/20/2012 A Kickstarter project was successfully closed in 2012, with over 140 supporters from around the world contributing. The 3-day recording session took place in December 2012, at the Manifold Recording studio in North Carolina. Inspired by the philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright and his expressed interest in acoustic spaces, the Manifold studio was built specifically for the sonic range and profile of the grand piano. Wright, a passionate supporter of Gurdjieff and De Hartmann, would have found it fitting to record this program in this particular space.

Click here to go to Kickstarter to read more about the origins of this program, see videos by Frederic Chiu and follow the updates.


Click here to read Manifold creator Michael Tiemann’s blog about the recording.


Click here to see behind-the-scene footage from the recording session at Manifold.