On An Overgrown Path

Bob Shingleton’s music blog paints a detailed portrait of the Miraverse as well as the intricate web of influences around Hymns & Dervishes - a circle of serendipity that is hard to describe!

Frederic Chiu on Julien Weiss (in French)

Frederic Chiu parle de sa recontre avec le virtuose Julien Weiss, maître du Qanun et fondateur du groupe Al-Kindi, au tout début de son projet Gurdjieff/De Hartmann.

WSHU Radio on the 17 Year Journey of H&D

Pianist Frederic Chiu never imagined that his dream to record the haunting music of early 20th century spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff and his disciple Thomas de Hartmann would evolve into a 17-year project, requiring so many years for just the right alignment of artistry and technology. Kate Remington talks with Chiu about how his new recording finally got released.

NYTimes on the Rubin Museum performance

“A tour de force” - Daniel Wakin

Wall Street Journal on Hymns and Dervishes CD

”Dance...emerges from the Dervish’s chants and dirges like a whirling Sufi. The final track is a real surprise: Mr. Chiu here offers his own arrangement of Bach’s “ Erbarme Dich” from the “St. Matthew Passion.” ...so much beauty to enjoy. - Stuart Isacoff


”Chiu’s sensitive and thoughtfully shaped interpretations lend interest to music that otherwise might pass for New Age noodling.” Jed Distler

[NB: Very honored to be compared to Alain Kremski, a friend and jealous supporter of Hymns & Dervishes - he wished he had thought of the idea of tuning the piano to the different scales!]

Classica Magazine Review (France)

“Frederic Chiu à la suite [de Keith Jarrett ou Alain Kremski] se révèle un excellent interprète de cette musique minimaliste en lui donnant une coloration blanche et mesurée.” - Romaric Gargarin