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I want to play that music at age 10. I think Prokofiev can get a little wild.” - 8 year old

“"Send them both to Hollywood! How can one choose? Kudos for both. Brilliant program, Great Performance! Thank you!"

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When was the last time you argued over which dead white European male composer was better than another?!

Classical Smackdown gives you the opportunity to make a statement! Listen to two composers and mark your vote for your favorite. Be careful - the pieces have been selected to make your choice very difficult!

You can’t vote here, only at the live Classical Smackdown concerts.

World Premier:
Bach vs. Philip Glass

Chosen for Top 10 Cultural Events by Detroit Free Press in its debutResults_Bach_Glass/Results_Bach_Glass.html

Bach vs. Glass

Total Wins:                   Total Votes:

Bach: 3                          Bach: 51%

Glass: 3                         Glass: 48%

Tie: 0                              Tie: 1%

Debussy vs. Prokofiev

Total Wins:                   Total Votes:

Debussy: 16                  Debussy: 44%

Prokofiev: 25                Prokofiev: 51%

Tie: 0                              Tie: 5%

Click on the pie chart to see the results of individual concerts

Click on the pie chart to see the results of individual concerts

Coming Soon!

Prodigy Mendelssohn vs Prodigy Chopin

Music by two genius teenagers!